Thursday, 1 October 2015

2014: Gugu's sexy French Twist up do - Ted Gibson in Allure

Ted Gibson Shares His How-to for This Sexy French Twist


My favorite updo of all time is the French twist. If I weren’t so lazy with my hair—or if I woke up earlier in the morning—I would probably wear my hair in a French twist every day. Maybe it’s because they’re French and everything French feels instantly chic. But truthfully, I think I just love them because they’re beautiful—and really, really flattering. Case in point: Just take a look at Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

This is a sexier version of the French twist, with lots of height at the crown. “I wanted some drama in the front,” said hairstylist Ted Gibson, whose secret to creating this look included a lot of back-combing. But there's a right way to tease and a wrong way to tease: You can't just go back-brushing like crazy; you have to be strategic. First, Gibson took the hair right along the hairline and let that hang down in Mbatha-Raw’s face. Then he back-combed the hair in two places: at the top of her head and just below the crown. “That way, I get enough lift to form the French twist,” he said. Next, he took the section of hair hanging in front of her face and brushed it over the teased hair at the top (to hide it) and pinned that section of hair in place at the back of the head. Finally, he gathered all the hair back (hiding the teased section right above the nape) and rolled the hair into a twist. He secured the look with bobby pins; strong-hold hair spray was Gibson's other secret to keeping this style so voluminous.

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