Saturday, 15 October 2016

Video: Black Mirror at TIFF with Gugu, Charlie Brooker and Bryce Dallas Howard - Variety Interview

Black Mirror at TIFF with Charlie Brooker and Bryce Dallas Howard

Published on 20 Sep 2016
The cast and creators of “Black Mirror,” which will air its third season on Netflix this year, stopped by the Variety Studio presented by airbnb to talk about their relationship to the stories they tell in the series.

“I’m quite optimistic, weirdly,” said the show’s creator Charlie Brooker. “When it comes to things like social media, I think it’s an incredible invention. It’s just that we as an animal aren’t yet adept to use this incredible new power we’ve been given. It’s like a new limb we’ve grown and we’re flailing around and knocking all the furniture over.”

Writer and EP Annabel Jones, directors Owen Harris and Joe Wright and actors Bryce Dallas Howard, Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw also chimed in about what makes the show so compelling.

“I have a lot of nightmares of these kind of dystopian future scenarios that pretty exactly resemble ‘Black Mirror.’ So I was a little nervous about it,” Dallas Howard said about watching the show for the first time. “Finally, when I did watch the first episode I was by myself in New Zealand and I watched one of the episodes and I was an absolute wreck afterwards.”

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