Gugu Mbatha-Raw
On other acting roles she would love to take on: “I’ve always had Cleopatra on my list. I’d also love to
play Rosa Parks.  There’s definitely a story about her to be told.”
On Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Speaking out on the lack of diversity at the Oscars: “[They took]
A very brave stand.” But she points out, “That’s the end of the race. The root of it is about having many,
many stories told and having the people who hold he purse strings tell diverse and inclusive stories.
It’s got to go back to how films get green-lit in the first place.”
On shying away from the spotlight and social media: “Call me old-fashioned, but if there were ever 
a massive volcanic eruption like there was in Pompeii and, hundreds of years later, people looked 
at us as a species with our selfie sticks, they would think, God were we the most narcissistic culture ever?”
Photos Credit: Tesh