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Renée Zellweger, Keanu Reeves & Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Legal Thriller ‘The Whole Truth’ [Japanese Trailer]

Drama , Film , Thriller Renée Zellweger, Keanu Reeves & Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Legal Thriller ‘The Whole Truth’ [Japanese Trailer] Barbara April 14, 2016

“I did it.” In ‘The Whole Truth’ courtroom drama small town Louisiana defense attorney Richard Ramsay (Keanu Reeves) works on a tough case to defend a family friends 17-year-old son who may have murdered his father in cold blood. Mike Lassiter (Gabriel Basso) is suspected of murdering his wealthy father (Jim Belushi). To make matters worse, his young client refuses to speak to anyone on the matter except to say that he is guilty. Ramsay enlists the help of a young lawyer Janelle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who is determined to find out the truth about what happened that day.


“I wanted to play Ramsey as a self-made man who has a certain toughness,” Reeves tells The Japan Times. “He’s from the wrong side of tracks, and so he understands what it takes to get where is, and keep himself successful. But he’s also full of weak spots. He knows that about himself and about other people. I think half of the fun of this movie is figuring out what his weaknesses are.”
The other half said Reeves, “is the whodunit factor.”


“Did your husband hit you?” “Yes.” The boy’s mother, played by a barely recognizable Renée Zellweger, begs Keanu to save her son from prison. But does she have her own secrets to hide? “All witnesses lie. Everyone involved in the trial is screwing everyone else until proven otherwise.”


Directed by Courtney Hunt and written by Nicholas Kazan with a cast that includes: Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger, Gabriel Basso, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Jim Belushi, ‘The Whole Truth’ will be released in Japan on June 10, 2016, before opening in the United States sometime in 2016.

Source: IMDb, YouTube

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