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2008 Video Clips: Bonekickers: Episode 1 - Army Of God (BBC One) Gugu's arrival as Viv Davis

Bonekickers: Army Of God (BBC One)

Uploaded on 26 Apr 2009
BBC one: Bonekickers ep.1 - part 1
(disclaimer: I do not own this video, it's property of BBC One)

There is only one season made of this great series that aimed at making history and archeology popular again.
Yes the stories aren't true and a bit fantastic. This is NO DOCUMENTARY, but the research methods they are 'using' are real and often used tools of archeologists. I hope that this program can raise some awareness about preserving and studying our past. But most of all, it's still a fun series to watch...so enjoy!

Developers discover an Arab coin (dirhem) on ground marked for a housing development. The archaeological team find this mysterious as the site is a very long way from the Crusades. The subsequent adventure involves modern Knights Templar, a fanatically racist Christian evangelist and the True Cross.

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Tamzin Merchant in Bonekickers
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